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Lori is an award winning tattoo artist whose love of the art of tattoo shows with every piece she creates. Lori has always been a highly creative artist whose whole life has been her canvas and who uses many mediums to create her art. Tattooing has always been a great passion for her.

Her elegant tattoo style featuring lace, jewels, and beautiful timeless body pieces has been inspired by her over 10 years of experience as a professional Henna tattoo artist during which time she developed a unique and stunning style.

Her sparkling personality shines as she shares her love of the roaring 20’s through to the 40’s and 50’s vintage culture including classic monsters, movies, pinup, and old school Halloween style imagery.

Lori takes great pleasure in working with her many clients to create the perfect tattoo design for them and comes highly recommended by anyone that she has tattooed.



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