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   Although we are located in Portsmouth, we often hear our clients refer to us as “The Absolute BEST tattoo shop in Rhode Island” and we agree. Dragon Lily Tattoo is home to award winning tattoo artists that strive to make each tattoo their best tattoo. Dragon Lily Tattoo is also one of the fastest growing custom tattoo shops in Rhode Island. Our fast growth is based on our commitment to excellence, both in artwork and customer service.

   Dragon Lily Tattoo prides itself on providing the most comfortable environment for our customers. Our goal is to guide and educate clients through and about the process of getting the most dynamic, original and uniquely personal tattoo available. The education process includes guiding clients in what to look for in a tattoo shop and/or tattoo artist, how the differences of tattoo style and technique may be best suited for you, the client, and finally how to care for your tattoo once you leave our shop. We value the relationships we develop with our clients and many have become loyal friends and supporters.

   We never rush a client into a decision. We prefer to sit with the client and discuss what it is exactly that they are looking for. We take pride in our work and our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We want you to be proud of your new tattoo.

   We have a large comfortable reception area as well as two private, clean and well lighted tattoo rooms. We always use clean, sterile techniques and equipment. We use only the highest quality inks, as well as surgical grade, sterile, single use, stainless steel needles.

   Our shop has been reviewed and licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health. The Department of Health representative commented that our shop was “the cleanest, most comfortable shop she’d ever been in”.

   Dragon Lily Tattoo is committed to providing high quality custom tattoos at very affordable prices; usually much less than what you might expect to pay at other shops. Even though we offer affordability, we strive for excellence at all times, whether you are looking to get a complete sleeve or just a small tattoo of your favorite person’s name.






3390 East Main Road
Portsmouth, Rhode Island

401 683-1364

Shop Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-8pm

Tattoo Parties by appointment

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